Tall black laminate windows. North American Specialty Laminiations Grey laminate shiplap. Lamination, fabrication and finishing solutions in virtually any shape or color you can imagine. The North American leader in differentiated lamination, fabrication and finishing solutions. The trusted source for lamination to our window and door customers.

The North American leader in lamination, fabrication, and finishing services

We’re making the Building Industry a Little More Colorful.
Since 1999, NASL has been the trusted source for innovative color lamination solutions to the global building products industries.  We are rapidly expanding our laminate production footprint across North America so we can cost effectively deliver within your production schedules and meet your customer demands for on-trend colors whether windows, cabinet and furniture components, architectural mouldings, shiplap or wall and ceiling panels.

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The finest lamination services for building products and furnishings.


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Black laminate windows in a white house.

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The architectural community is changing the way commercial and residential owners view their world. Color and textures are key elements in design.

We’re the leader in lamination services and offer a variety of fabrications and finishes in virtually any color or shape.

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NASL is the North American leader in differentiated lamination, fabrication and finishing solutions to the building products industry. As our mission, we are consistently challenging the status quo to develop value-added products and business solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs. The NASL business model addresses an ever-increasing demand for color in building products.