Profile Lamination

Dusphohl and Barberan machines allow us to wrap both EVA and PUR adhesives. In house backing, slitting, moulding, and auxiliary operations allow us to control quality and costs from start to finish. Experienced staff and our commitment to keep pushing the envelope have positioned us to be the best in the industry. Our capabilities and relationships with multiple laminate vendors allow us to provide design, functionality, and cost-effective solutions for all of your wrapped needs.

Flat Lamination

NASL provides automated processes for taking a decorative laminate in roll form and laminating with an adhesive to bond the laminate to sheets of MDF, particle board or other board types. This efficient and cost-effective process quickly applies a decorative surface to the board for installation and use in sheet form or for further processing.


Thermoformed products have incredible ability to meet design, style, and functional needs. We work with all major vinyl manufacturers to provide our customers with hundreds of color and design pattern options.
From cabinet doors, to furniture parts, to retail fixture components – we can produce it all. Multiple thermoforming tables provide 4×8 part capability and efficient production. Our process is proven to provide custom orders that turn in a matter of days as well as large volume orders for JIT inventory programs.

Edge Foiling & Banding

NASL offers edge banding, sometimes a thin strip of veneer, with adhesive on one side, that covers raw and exposed sides of particleboard and plywood. In other cases, edge banding is solid wood or a laminate, that is applied with glue or by making a groove in the piece of wood it needs to fit. These bands can be made to match the color of the piece of wood to which they will be applied. Applied with care, edge banding makes the entire plank look like a solid piece of wood.


At NASL, quality is our priority.

Every laminated product will bring satisfaction to you and your customers. NASL guarantees it! Because the finished product becomes part of your customer’s home or business nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

At NASL we create, refine and perfect tools to ensure the residential and commercial customer is beyond happy with their product and NASL stays above the curve.

NASL is equipped with state-of-the-art BARBERAN PUR 33 L wrapping machines.

NASL has best in class adhesive and primer systems. Our procedures are designed to comply with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) test procedures. Proud member of FGIA (AAMA). We are solution driven.