We offer a variety of laminate colors and laminate windows and doors of all materials, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum.

Color lamination window and door profiles

The architectural community is changing the way commercial and residential owners view their world. Color and textures are key elements in design. NASL is happy to help our partners achieve this by providing extruders and their manufacturers lamination of window and door profiles.

Profile wrapping is the “art” and “science” of applying a decorative material (foil, film, laminate) to the exterior, interior or both of any uniform lineal shape. Unlike panel laminating, profile laminating allows the wrapping of very intricate shapes with curves and angles.  Substrates include PVC, MDF, Wood, Aluminum and Fiberglass.

Our continued investment in people, infrastructure, equipment, quality, and products for this industry shine in our dedicated profile wrapping facilities. Together with the right equipment, but more importantly the right people and quality suppliers your profile wrapping needs are covered.  “We’ve Got You Covered”™

Window and Door Glossary of Terms


White laminate moulding.


At NASL, quality is our priority.

Every laminated, fabricated and finished product will bring satisfaction to you and your customers. NASL guarantees it! Because the finished product becomes part of your customer’s home or business nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

At NASL we create, refine and perfect tools to ensure the residential and commercial customer is beyond happy with their product and NASL stays above the curve.

NASL has best in class adhesive and primer systems. Our procedures are designed to comply with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) test procedures. Proud member of FGIA (AAMA). We are solution driven.