Managing laminate inventory in a warehouse.

Warehouse Management

You will be able to see your extrusion inventory via web interface at any time after you have been set up on our program. Inventories are updated within hours of receipts or usage.

The extrusion inventory we will hold will be determined by reviewing estimated annual usage in conjunction with trends. Working together we will come up with initial quantities and then tweak as we move forward with the program.  Another key communication touch point.


NASL will help create or utilize your own Kanban System to better track and visualize your inventory at our facilities.

Transporting laminate.

Transportation Management

Most of our customers arrange their own shipping, however we have a dedicated shipping team to facilitate any transportation, if you require assistance.

NASL laminate.


At NASL, quality is our priority.

Every laminated, fabricated and finished product will bring satisfaction to you and your customers. NASL guarantees it! Because the finished product becomes part of your customer’s home or business nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

At NASL we create, refine and perfect tools to ensure the residential and commercial customer is beyond happy with their product and NASL stays above the curve.

NASL has best in class adhesive and primer systems. Our procedures are designed to comply with FGIA/AAMA, ANSI, ASTM test procedures. Proud member of FGIA (AAMA). We are solution driven.