Best-in-class lamination, fabrication and finishing

North American Specialty Laminations LLC (NASL) together with Building Industry Partners  has created a best-in-class building products lamination, finishing and specialty manufacturing platform with a national footprint.

The market pressures associated with capital investments, labor and transportation are addressed by NASL, recognizing that lamination is not the core competency of most building products OEMs. They do not own the equipment, and the manufacturing process is complex and requires floor space and skilled labor. Vertically integrating to add the capability would require meaningful investment and be at tension with many of their publicly stated strategic initiatives. These factors coupled with our short runs, quick turn-around for inventory turn efficiencies and plants within 500 miles of each/all key customer locations streamlines the supply chain, delivering needed efficiencies and quality. To do so, our unique capabilities include:

  • The ability to utilize virtually any type of laminate (paper, vinyl, veneer, fabric, HPL, plastics) onto a broad, ever-increasing array of substrates, (engineered wood, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass, composites, and natural wood).
  • Our proprietary “Factor Program” incorporating innovative production intellectual properties (IP), coupled with vendor managed inventory (VMI), just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing models and total quality management (TQM) principles delivers unparalleled customer service.
    • The key ingredient is a comprehensive, career development program that provides the necessary conceptual and on-hands training required to have a long-term fulfilling career as a profile wrapping operator. This program is complete with certification levels, corresponding pay increase schedules, job relocation opportunities, and aggressive promotion opportunities.

Our “ NASL Equity Appreciation Program, a broad-based employee ownership initiative (“EAP”), accompanied by proprietary equity value creation training programs for employees delivers the power of our team members to own the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, NASL works to baseline, refine, and enhance our team member value proposition along five core pillars:

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