Enhancing interior products with primer, stain, or paint finishes

All of our finishing is done in a controlled environment. We offer comprehensive finishing services for natural and engineered wood substrates on our custom, state of the art lineal flat lines, as well as automated six robot hanging line. Our finishing facility is complete with a mixing room where our master finishers match supplied control samples or swatches for custom projects. In addition to stains and clear coats, we offer priming and painting. In house finishing capabilities allow us to provide our customers with quicker lead times, reduced costs, consistent quality, and the ability to provide custom finishes on existing and new products.

Choose from NASL’s family of interior finishes in either semi-transparent or opaque or ask us to replicate a custom formulation.  Our finishes offer solutions for commercial, residential, multi-family or hospitality industries.

NASL specializes in finishing lineal interior mouldings, cabinet and furniture components, and interior passage doors.  No order is too small or too large.  Our production lines include robotics and ovens on a continuous system.  Smaller orders are finished in our state-of-the-art booths.

Factory prefinishing is superior to jobsite finishing, and for applications like cabinets, millwork, doors, stair parts and mouldings, there is less fumes, clutter and labor on jobsites.  A controlled environment with consistent preparation, consistent quality and inspections with lower costs is the NASL advantage for today’s finishing projects.

Why Prefinish?

  • Factory finishing is specified for high-quality work when superior appearance and performance of the finish is desired.
  • Benefits of factory finishing include consistency, control of film thickness, environmental compliance, and curing/drying of the finish in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Its use assumes a maximum degree of manufacturer prefabrication so that site installation can be performed with a minimum amount of cutting, fitting, and adjustment to facilitate completion.
  • Field finishing is typically specified when there is not a demand or specific need for a superior appearance and is not necessarily part of the woodwork contract.
  • State-of-the-art equipment in a dust-free environment provides uniform color, texture, and sheen conditions normally unavailable in the field.
  • Very frequently in field finishing, numerous limitations prevent proper sanding. Improperly sanded, a door lacks the clarity of finish and uniformity of color achievable in factory finishing.
  • Factory finishing provides adequate drying time in a dust free environment.
  • Door manufacturing facilities are subject to strict State and Federal environmental standards which result in the proper handling, application, and disposal of materials. Specifying factory finish improves environmental compliance.
  • It ensures that wood is protected from unfavorable moisture conditions at the earliest possible time.
  • In most cases the cost of factory finishing is lower than the cost of using a separate finishing contractor.
  • Factory finished doors need only to be installed after delivery, which means faster project completion.
  • It costs less to spot a problem at the prefinisher where it can be immediately repaired or culled and reordered before it is shipped to the jobsite.
  • Prefinishing VOCs are controlled at the factory and, therefore, reduced at the jobsite. Many green building guidelines reward builders for installing prefinished products.
Different types of wood laminate.

Panel and Component

Up to 5×10 flat panels or components for furniture, drawer and door fronts to the components for RV manufacturers, NASL is a custom and production service. We manufacture it, we finish it.


At NASL, quality is our priority.

Every laminated, fabricated and finished product will bring satisfaction to you and your customers. NASL guarantees it! Because the finished product becomes part of your customer’s home or business nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

At NASL we create, refine and perfect tools to ensure the residential and commercial customer is beyond happy with their product and NASL stays above the curve.

NASL has best in class adhesive and primer systems. Our procedures are designed to comply with FGIA/AAMA, ANSI, ASTM test procedure.  Proud member of FGIA (AAMA). We are solution driven.